Swarovski Crystal – Selection Series – “Coupe-Papier”


Title: ’Coupe-Papier’ - Letter Opener
Designer: Joel Desgrippes
Date: 1994
Dimensions: 26cm x 5cm
Provenance: James Pongrass Collection

Swarovski Coupe-Papier Letter Opener (9280 000 023) was designed by Joel Desgrippes, of Paris, exclusively for the Swarovski Selection line. Only 3,366 were made worldwide - it was first introduced in 1994 and retired in 1997. Made of American Elm and Swarovski crystal, it is signed by the designer on the back and has the Swarovski swan logo and "Swarovski Selection" on it.

Only 18 styles were created from 1992-1997. This was a very limited production. Only seven artist’s created these unique objects of crystal art.