Roberto Matta – ‘Untitled’


Artist: Roberto Matta
Title: Untitled
Medium: Etching
Date: Circa 1970's
Edition: 76/85
Dimensions: Image Size 16 inches x 12.5 inches, Frame Size 28.5 inches x 24 inches
Provenance: James Pongrass Collection, Pelham von Stoffler Collection - Lake Forest Il., The Village Paint Shop - Lake Forest. Il

Roberto Matta (1912-2002) Chilean-born French Surrealist/Abstract Expressionist Painter is without a doubt one of the most important 20th century Latin American artists, who along with Dali, Miro, Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy, Man Ray, and Magritte, exercised a great influence on American Surrealism. These works express the influence of the collective subconscious icons, South American & popular culture, and psycho-sexuality. Their undeniable beauty keeps the eye engaged in visual details even as the mind ponders these totems and taboos. These prints also reveal Matta's true genius as a printmaker, incorporating a variety of print technique that produces a final image that is complex, rich and mysteriously beautiful. (Ref. 1stDIBS)