Porcelain Vase – ‘Ghost in the Forest’ – Yu Jun

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Title: 'Ghost in the Forest'
Artist: Yu Jun
Medium: Porcelain
Dimensions: H. 45cm x 24.8cm x 11.4cm
Origin: Jingdezhen, China
Provenance: Li Zhang Collection, James Pongrass Collection, Kingdom Ceramics Gallery
Exhibited: Kingdom Ceramics Gallery, Xiamen, China 2004, Private Museum, Xiamen, China 2011, University of Houston Community College 2015

Yu Jun is a ‘Country Level’ artist in contemporary porcelains from Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Provence, China. He was born in Jingdezhen in August, 1962. He graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Staff University in Jingdezhen in 1984. He field study was Art Design. He was a student of the ‘Country Level’ artist Qin Xinlin. He did research is the area of ‘folk blue & white’ and high temperature glaze decoration.

He is noted for his figures and landscapes. He created the ‘folk blue & white’ style “The Children Game” and “Pictures of Past-Masters”. In his decoration style he created works such as, “Noctilucence Music”, “Natural Flow”, “ Ancient Wells”. In his high temperature style, ‘Sprit of the Trees”, “The City”, ‘Breeze”, “Western Natural Scene”, “Dunhuang Impression”, and “Sanxing Pile Impression”.

Many of his works were exhibited in China and oversea. Over 180 pieces of his Pieces won prizes. His famous blue & white vase “The Old Fives” vase was collected by China Craft and Art Museum. Yu Jun’s works have been published in many art and museum publications.