Porcelain Vase – ‘Flying’ – Xiong Jun

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Title: 'Flying'
Artist: Xiong Jun
Medium: Porcelain
Dimensions: H. 21.6cm x 52cm
Origin: Jingdezhen, China
Provenance: James Pongrass Collection, Kingdom Ceramics Gallery
Exhibited: Kingdom Ceramics Gallery, Xiamen, China 2004, Private Museum, Xiamen, China 2011, University of Houston Community College 2015

Xiong Jun is a ‘Provincial Level’ artist in contemporary porcelain art from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Provence, China. He was born in October 1970. He graduated from the Art Field of the Jiangxi Normal University. He was part of the staff at the Jingdezhen Porcelain History Museum. He was the student of noted ‘Country Level’ artists Wang Xiliang, Qing Xilin and Xiong Gangru.

He creates outstanding landscape scene and animals. He is an expert at under glaze and combined decoration. Many of his works depict folk house and nature of the Southern China. His compositions are novel. His designs colorful with thick and strong strokes. His style is enjoyable and pleasing to the viewer. Many of his works have won awards. His representative works are vases of the “Chinese Spirit - The Rhyme of Qin”, “Scene of Living in the Mountain”, “Elegance”, “Space - Time”, “Refined Charm of the Water Lilly Pond”, “Archaic Chinese Rhymes Series”. Two of his famous plaques “Hai Chang” and “An Accomplished Scholar” were award winners. Many of his works were published by the Jingdezhen Porcelain Collection and by the Jingdezhen Contemporary Porcelain Arts Collection.