Porcelain Vase – ‘Blue Wind’ – Zhu Wen

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Title: 'Blue Wind'
Artist: Zhu Wen
Medium: Porcelain
Dimensions: H. 26.7cm x 28cm
Origin: Jingdezhen, China
Provenance: James Pongrass Collection, Kingdom Ceramics Gallery
Exhibited: Kingdom Ceramics Gallery, Xiamen, China 2004, Private Museum, Xiamen, China 2011, University of Houston Community College 2015

Zhu Wen is a ‘Provincial Level’ artist in contemporary porcelain art from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Provence, China. He was born at Jingdezhen in 1958. He graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Staff University in Jiangxi Province since 1981. His degree is in Art Design field. He was designer for the Ba Fa Li Asian Porcelain factory in German in 1988. He was the chief designer of the High Quality Porcelain ‘ the Seven, Five’ Import Sample porcelain factory in 1989. He was the chief designer of the High Quality Porcelain ‘ the Eight, Five’ Import Sample porcelain factory of the HongKong Zhao Feng company at Chongqing Province in 1993. He was the manage of the Zhongcheng porcelain company in 1997.
He specializes in high temperature color glaze. His works have been exhibited many different exhibitions. through out China. He has won many awards. The “Peony”, a four piece plates set porcelain was collected by the Prime Minister Zhu Rongji in 1993. “The Great Wall Soul”, one of his smaller vases was collected by Mr. Shao Huaze, the Chief Editor of the People Daily Newspaper in 1999. The “Three Gorges Scene”, was selected by the Hu Nan TV station and collected by the French Consulate in 1999. “The Pear Flower in March” and “The Coming Home Grazier” vases were collected by Wu Guanzheng, the Secretary of Shan Dong Province.