Pig Effigy Pot – Felix Ortiz

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Artist: Felix Ortiz
Medium: Clay, Natural Earth Pigments
Dimensions: H. 7.5 x W. 6.5
Origin: Mata Ortiz, Mexico
Provenance: James Pongrass Collection, E. Rangel Collection 1988
Exhibited: KCAM & Houston Community College 10/2015

Felix Ortiz - Master Potter - Felix Ortiz is a highly collectible ceramic artist from Mata Ortiz, Mexico, now deceased, his effigies are world renowned and increasing in value. It is an intricately shaped effigy. One of the original founders of the Mata Ortiz pottery evolution, Felix's family has become one of leading families in the arts community of Mata Ortiz, Mexico. Felix passed in October, 2005. Felix Ortiz was clearly a leader in Mata Ortiz's ceramic pottery evolution.