Boomerang – Hooked – Tennant Creek

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Medium: Wood, Reddish brown aged patina
Dimensions: L. 26.75
Origin: Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia
Provenance: James Pongrass Collection, James Davidson Collection, Melbourne, Australia
Davidson was a well known collector and author on numerous works on Aboriginal and Pacific Island Art
Sotheby's New York 05/1998
Exhibited: Private Museum, Xiamen, China 2011, Katy Contemporary Art Museum, Katy, Texas, Vertical Sculpture 2014, University of Houston Community College 2015

Hooked boomerangs come from the north central region of the Northern Territory. Men would throw such boomerangs into flocks of parrots and ducks as they took off from waterholes. They fashioned them from the base of acacia trees, where the trunk meets the root, to give them strength. Hooked boomerangs were traded extensively from north central Australia to other regions. (Ref. The Museum of the world)