Anneke Schat – Silver & Gold Broach/Pendant


Artist: Anneke Schat
Title: 'Nephila Spins the Solar Thread'
Medium: Silver & Gold - Broach/Pendant
Date: Circa 1990s
Dimensions: 11.3cm x 8.7cm
Published: Straus, Cees (1994). 'Bridging the Wind'. De Brink. p. 77.
Provenance: James Pongrass Collection

Fascinated by the wondrous architecture of webs spun by spiders such as the Cyrtophora, Zygiella, and Loxosceles, Anneke developed a style entitled 'Bridging the Wind.' The ingenious thread formations of these spiders, coupled with the architecture of the New Modernist movement formed the source of inspiration for the jewelry and works on paper, which match each other in specialily and dynamism.

During a period of experimentation Anneke created free compositions of brush strokes which seem to dance across the paper.These woks comprise a variation on a theme and form a essential 'Bridge' to the goldsmith craft. Her works on paper are a direct reflection of her source of inspiration, in this case of web formations of spiders. In the same period, an extra-ordinary collection of jewelry also took shape, jewelry which is charaterised by a great diversity of forms and a combination of flexibility and strength.

Wearable objects which scintillate with the colors of emerald, rubies, and sapphires. (Ref. 'Bridging the Wind' by De Brink Pg. 77)