The Pongrass Collections

I started piecing this collection together in 1972, acquiring the finest objects I could with the funds I had. I wasn’t rich, so I had to search for ways to add each piece to my collection. There are some remarkable objects from the Torricelli Mountains District, Trobriand Islands, Wosera District, Highlands Districts, Asmat and Dani Tribes, and other Sepik Rivers villages. Many pieces come from the most well know collections, collectors and museums around the globe i.e., Webster, Hooper, Oldman, Davidson, Umlauf, Friede and more….

Jingdezhen Porcelain

The creation of porcelains began over 2000 years ago in the ancient city of Chang Nan (China), later changed to Jindezhen. Contemporary porcelains created by the few Master Ceramists of Jindezhen, today are considered some of the finest on the planet. Styles range from the early QingHua (Blue & White) to the Gao Wen Yao Bian (High Temperature Glaze) which can only be found in Jindezhen.

Mata Ortiz Pottery

Mata Ortiz pottery is the recreation of traditional pottery works from the historic Paquime archeological site in Chihuahua, Mexico. In the early 60’s, Juan Quezada is credited with its revival and development of pottery making. Today Juan is considered the Master potter in Mata Ortiz. His works and other members of his family are in countless museums and private collections worldwide.

Chinese Antiquities

There are two superb and rare objects dating to the early dynasties, Warring States Period and the Tang Dynasty A small but fine collection of Qing Dynasty wood panels and very fine carved panel of the “Eight Immortals” from the late Ming to early Qing Dynasty. An ancient neolithic jade pendant from the HongShan Culture, dating back some 8000 years.

Art and Artifacts for Sale

I hope you enjoy browsing my collection, please feel free to inquire about any pieces that you have an interest in.

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